20 mouth-watering pancakes you haven’t heard of before.

Mouthwatering pancakes for any occasion! enjoy these 20 unique pancake recipes!

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1. cake batter pancakes

2. easy sheet pan pancakes

These easy sheet pan pancakes—essentially a giant, fluffy, buttery pancake that you’ll cut into squares and serve warm to friends and family. To achieve the signature golden brown color, we brushed the pancake with melted butter after baking and popped it under the broiler for the finishing touch.

from: www.realsimple.com

3. pineapple upside down pancakes

Proof that syrup improves literally everything.

from: www.delish.com

4. lemon poppy seed pancakes

Lemon poppy seed muffins are always awesome, but lemon poppy seed pancakes are even better. THEY’RE SO FLUFFY!  Whisking the dry and wet ingredients in separate bowls may seem slightly fussy, but trust us, it’s necessary — unless you’re into squat, tough pancakes.

from: www.delish.com

5. strawberry cheesecake pancakes


Amazing Melt in Your Mouth Sweet Cream Pancakes is the best pancake recipe around and will be the only pancake recipe you’ll ever need! Sweet and dreamy!

from: mommymouseclubhouse.com

6. chocolate chip pancakes


from: www.cookinwithmima.com

7. pumpkin cinnamon streusel pancakes


If you are a pumpkin fan and looking for a special fall breakfast or brunch recipe, look no further. You have to make these Pumpkin Cinnamon Streusel Pancakes. I guarantee you will fall head over heels for these babies. I can’t get them out of my mind-I even dream about them. They are SO good.

from: www.twopeasandtheirpod.com

8. peanut butter strawberry pancakes

9. traditional hazelnut cream pancakes

10. blueberry pancakes

from: issuu.com

11. butter pecan pancakes

from: simplybakings.com

12. hot chocolate pancakes

Hot chocolate is cool and all, but hot chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup and marshmallows?! Even better! This pancake recipe may be a little decadent for day-to-day breakfasts, but it’s just right for special occasions… like Saturdays. It’d be really fun for Valentine’s Day brunch too.

from: www.papernstitchblog.com

13. strawberry shortcake pancakes

Classic, fluffy pancakes with strawberries and sugar streusel baked inside. Serve these Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes with macerated strawberries for a unique, irresistible breakfast!

from: www.tastesoflizzyt.com

14. ricotta lemon pancakes

from: www.gringalicious.com

15. butter syrup for pancakes

from: longbournfarm.com

16. blueberry chocolate pancakes

17. green tea pancakes (vegan)


from: www.nourishyourglow.com

18. chocolate heaven pancakes

19. buttermilk pancakes

from: www.popsugar.co.uk

20. syrup blueberry pancakes

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