Refreshing Christmas drinks: alcohol & non-alcohol

Get everyone in the celebratory spirit by serving these Christmas cocktails at your holiday party. And if kids are invited to your festive bash, they’ll love sipping on these delicious non-alcohol drinks.

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1. Hedgerow Royale

This slightly sweet, slightly sharp Prosecco Royale mixed with sloe gin is the perfect festive cocktail to kick off your Christmas party


2. Gin & appetiser

This gin and sparkling apple juice make an easy seasonal twist on a gin and tonic which is ideal to serve at a Christmas party. Cranberry ice cubes are easy to make, and really make it look so much more special. Gluten Free.


3. Peppermint twist cocktail


4. Santa shot

The Santa Shot is a gorgeous little red and green layered shot that tastes like a candy cane. It’s Christmas ascetics combined with Christmas flavors, and it packs plenty of Christmas spirit.


5. White chocolate & peppermint cocktail

This Christmas cocktail combines two of my favorite things into one delicious beverage:  white chocolate and peppermint!  With a splash of vodka and Godiva white chocolate liquor to some cream and peppermint schnapps and you have a quick and easy Christmas cocktail to take the chill off your winter day.


6. Snowball cocktail

How to make a traditional snowball cocktail with Advocaat, lime juice and lemonade. The perfect drink for getting into the festive spirit this Christmas.


7. Non-alcoholic Christmas drink


8. Rudolph cranberry fizz

If you’re not in the holiday mood yet, this Rudolph’s Cranberry Fizz will surely help!  This drink is not only adorable to look at, it’s refreshing and packed with the holiday’s flavors.


9. Winter wonderland cocktail

The goal behind this drink was to create something all white – reminiscent of a snow day (although, I’ve never actually had one of those here in the desert..). Something fun and cheery, without being over the top with Christmas flavors. This time I skipped the peppermint and cranberry and tried something different.


10. Jingle juice holiday drink

With the Christmas season fast approaching, I thought I would share one of my favorite holiday drinks… a little something I like to call Jingle Juice.


11. Mistletoe shots

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, Christmas cookies, and lots of alcohol. It’s also primetime to run into your big crush … most likely in an ugly sweater. Don’t panic, and don’t you dare just wait around under the mistletoe. You don’t need liquid courage — you need a Jell-O shot.


12. White Christmas margarita

Guarantee yourself a white Christmas this year.


13. Christmas coffee cocktail

Besides just drinking different coffees with all those amazing flavored creamers, I’ve also been experimenting with coffee cocktails like this one. This is my Christmas Coffee Cocktail. There’s a delicious mixture of 4 liqueurs in it, so it’s incredibly tasty and very strong.


14. Simple Christmas sangria

This sweet and tangy Simple Christmas Sangria is the perfect cocktail to bring to a holiday party; your friends will surely be impressed!


15. Jingle juice holiday punch

This Jingle Juice Holiday Punch recipe is simple, delicious, and beautiful! You only need three ingredients to craft this delicious holiday punch recipe everyone will love!


16. Santas hat Shirley temple

Let the kids in on the Christmas drink fun with this festive Santa’s Hat Shirley Temple!  With it’s bright red color and coconut rim, it’ll be the hit of the holiday season with the little ones.


17. Christmas punch

Whether it’s for a big Christmas party or smaller gathering of family or friends, a batch of Grandma’s Christmas Punch will bring on the smiles … especially when you pair it with a big tray of cookies.  Just like Grandma does.

18. Candy cane martini

The Candy Cane Martini blends the flavor of peppermint with a hint of raspberry to make it taste like a delicious candy cane. And it really is delicious, with that light Chambord instead of a heavy grenadine syrup. This cocktail is easy to serve one by one or in premixed pitchers.


19. Cranberry Mojito

This cranberry mojito is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. Full of fresh cranberry simple syrup, fresh mint, lime and just a touch of rum.


20. Santa clause mopolitans

All of the presents are wrapped and you now deserve a Santa Claus mopolitan.


21. Grinch punch

This fizzy Grinch Punch cocktail is a holiday favorite every year! We love this simple holiday cocktail recipe because it tastes like a creamy citrus dessert drink, but is much lower in calorie than most holiday drinks.


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