Why The Big Dream Boat Man is the best tour in the Philippines

” BIG DREAM BOATMAN was founded by Krish and Oli in late 2016. It was born out of a frustration of the ‘day trip’ culture, the lack of social and eco-responsibility by other operators and the ‘let’s get as many tourists on a boat as we can’ approach. They decided to change it up, toContinue reading “Why The Big Dream Boat Man is the best tour in the Philippines”

12 breathtaking things to do in the Philippines: Adventure & Travel

So you’ve finally made the big decision and have started planning a vacation in the Philippines. That’s great; it’s an amazing place and a country which should be somewhere close to the top of every adventurous traveler’s must go to list. But because of its geographical make-up, it’s an archipelago of over seven thousand five hundred islands covering more than one hundred and twenty thousand square miles, pre-planning your must-sees in the Philippines is a good idea. So here are just some of the top places to see!